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safety of loan on the internet

1, the virtual network transactions, leading to the credit status of the credit of the two sides can not be certified, prone to fraud and arrears of default dispute. 2, a large number of network platform release of lending information, there are many in the loan company, Finance Companies and other names of foreign loans. And in fact must by approval of the national financial institutions engaged in the credit financing and other financial services, unauthorized engaged in financial activities often because of "illegal fund-raising", "illegal absorb public deposits", disrupt the order of financial management and be held liable. 3, if loans through network platform issued, so in network platform of lax discipline, failure or internal control procedures, or being the case may appear fabricating borrower information and the case of illegal fund-raising.

帮忙写一篇 网络安全的英语作文。英语4级格式,120—150字,万分感谢。

帮忙写一篇 网络安全的英语作文。英语4级格式,120—150字,万分感谢。

With the development of compiter, and in order to make our life more colorful,many computer socialists are majoring in video games designment, which makes the video games very popular in recent years.Many teenagers are being attracted by video games. Every day after school some teenagers will bury themselves in video games at home or in video arcades. They concentrate all their attention on video games, with their hands busy operating. Video games are a kind of wonderful entertainment. They bring great pleasure to teenagers, train them to respond quickly, stimulate their imagination and interest in electronics and computer science. Just as a coin hastwo sides, video games also have some disadvantages. School children spend too much time on video games, which would do harm to their eyes and affect their school achievments. Also, playing video games doesnot allow them to use their natural creativity.Some of them even commit crimes in order to get enough money for the games. Only if one has enough self-control can he benefit from computer games.

In the modern world, it is no doubt that Internet is playing an important role in our daily lives. It not only brings us information but makes our lives convrnient as well. However, the security of the Internet is always a hot potato that we have been facing with for years. There is no denying that we are partly overwhelmed in the Internet life. Everything in our daily life can have relationship with Internet: Officers use it to type letters and make records; businessmen use it to keep contact with clients and do businesslteachers use it to make teaching plans; students use it to learn and study, and some peple use it for fun at home. It is clearly that most people like chatting with friends on the Internet. My advice is when you chatting on the Internet, don't reveal your personal information, such as your real name, your phone number , your address and even your ID card number as well as your credit card numbers. Don't trust people on the Internet easily. Some information on the Internet may not ture. You can't be too much carful when you read them and use them 我只是给你写了点内容 具体的作文你自己拍下顺序 增加或减少点吧

dear tom

here's something about we visited taishan mountain .

last thursday's night,we left shanghai for taishan mountain by air.and we relaxed in the hotel in tai'an,

which is at the roof of the mountain.at 3.00 a.m,we started climbing the mountain.it took us two and half hours to hump the mountain.seeing at the mountain top,we were deeply attracted that the mountain was coverd by forest.how fasicnating the scenery was! a few minutes later,we saw the sunset.the eastern sky getting slightly white and a big red ball rose at sea.all things arround us just became so bright.

we stayed on the mountaintop untill afternoon.we arrived hotel at 4.0p.m and went back to school by train.what a wonderful tour!



According to a recent survey, the number of Chinese Netizens has reached to 110 million by the end of 2006, among which college students have occupied 35.1%. And there has been a dramatic increase in the average number hours that college students spend on the computer every week. According to another survey, in 1990s, students spend an average of only two hours a week, while the number increases to 20hours by the year of 2005. It’s investigated that most of them take full advantages of computers only to play online games. But what has caused such matter?

In the first place, it’s the features of the computer games that attract their attention and satisfy their psychological need. Many college students claim that they can find the values of their lives in the suppositional world although such kind of value is suppositional. As they could be the leader in a game, they would have a sense of superiority and achievement. For instance, they could be admired by other players and they could even be pursued by handsome boys or pretty girls and then they might marry each other in the suppositional world. Besides, leveling up is the primary contents in most online games which is the cardinal cause of their addiction to the games. Most of the college students lack of self-controlling, thus each time when they level up, they always can’t resist the temptation of higher levels so that they often decide to resume playing in order to parade their accomplishments to other players. Moreover, the properties and the experience in a game can be transferred by paying cash, from which many college students want to get numerous profits.

Secondly, excellent environment of the campus creates many chances for them to be in touch with computer games. As we all know, in universities, if we want to idle way, there are plenty of chances for us to do so. There is a definite link between the life in secondary middle schools and the life in universities. In secondary middle schools, teachers often supervise students and thus the students have formed a sense of dependence. While in the universities, the assistant teachers can’t supervise the students for most of the time. Lacking of concerning, more and more college students might fail to spend the transition frequently so that they would feel empty and idle away their time day by day. Indifference creates a need for them to occupy their spare time by playing computer games. Once they see others enjoying the games thoroughly , it’s likely that they couldn’t resist the temptation. Many college students want to avoid the realities and severe competition by involving themselves in the game world which may be the best way for them.

Thirdly, most game players are idealists and they want to realize what can’t be realized in real world in order to satisfy their psychological need. The players are very good at daydreaming. The distillation of a computer game is the suppositional society which is emulational to the real word. Such suppositional society lays emphasize on the interaction, emulation and competition, through which most players can show their potential abilities that can’t be realized in real world. Moreover, consistent updating of the computer games is some what relevant to their psychology on quest for new things and their curiosity. Besides, the unrestricted communication atmosphere some what caters to their desire for communication and understanding in the progress of growing. 

Last but not the least, education for all-around development haven’t been applied to most of the universities. Many universities are still paying more attention on IQ education rather than moral education. It is true that academic studies are important, however, one’s comprehensive abilities are also indispensable in their long-term development. Some top students parade their superiority to the inferior ones so that the later ones will have a sense of inferiority. They want to vent their emotion in suppositional world and get released both mentally and physically. The inferior they are, the deeper they will get involved in computer games.

Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that there are two main reasons for the college students to get addicted to the computer games, which include both internal and external factors. Such matter has been a social concern and we should appeal for the society to show more concerning on college students who are regarded as the backbones of the country. And I think there are many things for us to do to improve the style of administration on education, only by this can such matter be reduced.


I think it is necessary for a university student to have a correct idea of consumption. First,consumption according to our own needs, but also to suit our needs. Second,consumption should be independent, not to repeat word for word what others say, do not follow the crowd, what head. Third,consumption should be coordinated, not only heavy material consumption and ignore the spiritual consumption. Fourth,consumer spending should be with their income to adapt and moderate consumption. At last ,we need to avoid the blindness and rational consumption. If we do that, we will have a correct view of consumption.

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Recently, it is frequently reported that a student can earn 60,000 a month by running an online shop. His business idea has inspired many students to set up their own online shops. Some people hold that doing that, students can gain not only some money to reduce financial burden for their family but also the precious experience of setting up a business. Most important of all, the competition in the job market is very fierce currently. If students cannot find a satisfactory job after graduation, an online shop can help them earn their living. While others hold that the duty of a student is to study. Running an online shop will definitely distract students from their primary tasks. It equals to putting the cart before the horse. From my perspective, I am in favor of the former opinion. I agree that in college acquiring knowledge is of critical importance. However, acquiring practical skills and the ability to survive is even more important. In a word, as long as a student can balance the two sides well, running a business in the school years should not be discouraged. 最近,经常有报道说一个学生可以在网上购物,每月赚60000。他的商业理念启发了许多学生建立自己的网上商店。有些人认为这样做,学生不仅可以获得一些钱,以减轻他们的家庭经济负担,而且也有建立业务的宝贵经验。最重要的是,在就业市场的竞争是非常激烈的,目前。如果学生毕业后找不到满意的工作,一家网上商店可以帮助他们谋生。而其他人认为,学生的责任是学习。运行一个在线商店一定会使学生从他们的主要任务中分散注意力。从我的角度看,我赞成前一种观点。我同意在大学获取知识是至关重要的。然而,获得实用技能和生存能力更为重要。一句话,只要一个学生能平衡双方的好,在学校里经营一个企业不应该气馁。

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